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Basic Host Range Project Information

| posted 19 Dec, 2017 18:42
Hi Debbie,
Just wanted to make sure we are in the clear to do another host in Spring 2018.
| posted 19 Dec, 2017 21:40
Do you plan to phagehunt and to use the 30 phages (and whatever else you may have) with a new host? Do you know which host you would like to use?
| posted 19 Feb, 2018 23:51
Debbie, has anyone tried infecting msmeg with A15 subcluster phages? If not, would we be able to obtain some lysates and try this?
Thank you,
| posted 12 Jul, 2018 14:15
Hi folks
I am working with a group of energetic highschoolers from LI, NY. They are interested in testing host range for their phage isolates using smeg. How broad is the range of bacterial hosts they can test? Should they stick to closely related bacteria?
Thank you
| posted 20 Mar, 2019 18:48
I am interested in doing this project. Currently we are using M. foliorum. Would you suggest that I start with one additional host or several?
Thank you,
Edited 20 Mar, 2019 18:58
| posted 21 Mar, 2019 11:53
After preliminary work with host range experiments, I am finding that the best way forward is to find phages on hosts that you would like to test. Until you are familiar with a host, the testing of additional hosts with known phages can be problematic. By that I mean, if you don't have a phage that infects each host, how do you know that a phage that you are testing can infect that host (or that that infection is detectable)? If it does, great! But if it doesn't, is your test valid (without a positive control)? So my recommendation going forward is to add some new hosts, go phagehunting on that host, then begin the host range testing. Does that make sense?
| posted 21 Mar, 2019 14:08

This makes sense. Thank you!

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