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hydrolase, esterase or hydrolase/esterase?

| posted 12 Apr, 2016 22:13
Which is the preferred function annotation?

TiroTheta9_59, hydrolase, 274 537 e-153
Sabertooth_60, esterase, 274 537 e-153
Melvin_MELVIN_62, hydrolase/esterase, 274 537 e-153
| posted 13 Apr, 2016 19:21
Hi Roy,
What a great question! Do you have HHPred or BLAST results that support the intact catalytic domain of an esterase? If so, go with esterase. Otherwise, more general might be better.

| posted 13 Apr, 2016 20:20

Here's my top hit on HHpred. I'm thinking the answer is yes, but I'm not sure how to interpret HHpred results in detail.

>1zoi_A Esterase; alpha/beta hydrolase fold; 1.60A {Pseudomonas putida} SCOP: c.69.1.12 PDB: 4dgq _A
Probab=100.00 E-value=2.3e-38 Score=242.53 Aligned_cols=255 Identities=24% Similarity=0.255 Sum_probs=0.0
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