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Merging file error

| posted 23 Mar, 2016 01:15
I am trying to merge multiple files of our annotated phage. In DNA Master I am getting the following error "Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset". I downloaded the files again and repeated the merge function, but got the same error. I was able to successfully merge 4 other phages, so I know my DNA Master software is working. It is most likely an error within the dnam5 files for the one phages where I see this error. Does anyone have an tips?

| posted 23 Mar, 2016 01:37
One of the files is likely corrupted. Open each individually and make sure they look fine (I've noticed that the gene graphics at the bottom of the DNA Master window are usually missing on corrupt files). Once you find the corrupt file, you'll have to get that student to send you a corrected file (they may need to go back to an earlier one before the error and remake the file).

| posted 16 Mar, 2017 15:44
I was able to merge the files without any errors, but once my students started looking over the merged file, they noticed that there were genes that did not have any notes for annotation (or some that were missing notes). We think the missing genes are all from one particular student. Is this also due to a corrupted file, and if so, will I need to look at the missing gene graphics to determine this? Thanks! Miriam
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