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University of Houston-Downtown
Corresponding Faculty Member: Rachna Sadana,
This abstract WILL be considered for a talk.
Isolation and Characterization of A, B, C and K Cluster Mycobacetriophages
Yvette Coreas, Elissa Guerra, Sanghamitra Saha, Rachna Sadana

Mycobacteriophages are viruses that infect mycobacteria and are composed of genetic material encapsulated in a head made of proteins. These phages can be found in places populated with their host bacteria such as soil. Goal of this project was to isolate and characterize a bacteriophage from soil sample. In the fall semester of 2014, sixty students were involved in a project based phage hunting lab course offered as General Biology lab I course (Biol 1101) at University of Houston-Downtwon (UHD). Ten phages named Midas, Duchessdung, Lesgirval, Coog, Bigswole, Phinci, Xiaopingtu, UHDChampion, Greedylawyer and Edugator were isolated using enrichment method, and electron micrographed. DNA of only six phages names; Midas, Duchessdung, Coog, Bigswole, Greedylawyer and Edugator from four three different clusters A, B, C and K were sequenced. The annotation studies are currently under progress.