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| posted 03 Jun, 2023 14:19
AZ phages contain a single endolysin gene, but the location within the genome and the pham for the endolysin gene is not consistent across the entire cluster.
At least three patterns are observed within the cluster.

Example include:

Phives - Endolysin as gp1
Elezi - Endolysin in middle of genome, gp25
Powerpuff - Endolysin in right arm of genome, gp59
Edited 06 Jun, 2023 02:29
| posted 15 Sep, 2023 22:01
Has anyone studied the holins in AZ?
| posted 16 Sep, 2023 03:09
Hi Tammy,

We've started looking at holins, but not exhaustively. Its difficult to conclusively identify holins, but there are candidates located proximal to some of the endolysins in AZ, but not in others.
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