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Upstream minor tail (pham 38688) really NKF

| posted 02 Jun, 2020 16:49
QCing Chivey, and it looks like we are perpetuating another bad minor tail protein call in the EF phages. Pham 38688, found in several different clusters, is a small protein (350 -400 bp) well upstream of the tapemeasure protein in EF (around gp22); a significant majority of the pham members assign NKF. Best HHPred hit (see attached) in all non-draft EF is from pfam (phage HK97-gp10) 'putative tail-component' (TIGRFAMs calls this same gene a model for an uncharacterized, highly divergent bacteriophage family); no good PDB or collagen or coiled-coiled domains. Based on this and the May 27 SMART conversation I'm changing Chivey's to NKF–heads-up for other EF.
| posted 02 Jun, 2020 17:03
I agree. The top hit is to HK97 gp 10. This phage is well studied by the Hendrix lab here at Pitt and while this is a structural protein in that phage, its function is unknown. The second hit is to a minor capsid protein. So it is easy to assume that this is a structural gene, which one is unknown.
Edited 02 Jun, 2020 17:04
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