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Genbank submissions

| posted 29 Oct, 2019 19:55
On the table with the list of phage and their Genbank numbers, our 2 phage from earlier this year were assigned numbers in August, it says at the top of our list "going live October 20th" and yet there is nothing in Genbank. The next list of phage names state that they are from September, also going live October 20th ….. and the completed genome and all the details are in Genbank. Can someone tell me why Septembers genomes went live before Augusts? smile
| posted 30 Oct, 2019 01:12
This is all up to GenBank. They have many folks working through the submissions and they get assigned in ways not know to us. I have files posted in 1 day and I have seen them posted 6 months later.
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