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major capsid protein

| posted 17 Apr, 2019 17:17
As of April 2019, we have been unable to identify the major capsid protein, and so you do not need to include it in your annotation.
| posted 03 Dec, 2021 14:22
Using GC/MS of several EK2 phages, one of the most expressed proteins that is identified is the gene product for the gene directly downstream of the called portal protein. Although we do not have direct evidence that this is the major capsid, the location, similarity across all EK phages and its level of expression in a phage protein lysate suggest that this is a good candidate to be the MCP. We are also using cro-EM to begin to assess which protein is the MCP in these podoviriae phages.
RS Pollenz
| posted 05 Jan, 2022 21:06
Hi Rick,
We will wait for the cryoEM, but yes, the must surely be the major capsid subunit.

June 21, 2022
Rick Pollenz and Simon White have confirmed (experimentally) that Akoni_gp33 is the major capsid subunit! Please annotate!
Edited 21 Jun, 2022 17:39
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