Instead , its function can be denoted as “HTH DNA binding protein, MerR-like”.

The folks at LeTourneau University did not agree with the funcitonal assignemnt of "peptidase" to Glaske gp65 (coordinates:43072 to 43974).

According to Dr. Frederick, Fred Ballraine and students did some investigating.
"Thirty one of the 103 hits above 90% probability reference “MerR”. We find nothing in the HHPred results referencing a “peptidase” function or domain. However, there are five references to peptidase function in the NCBI Blast results. All are phages. While I did not dig deeper, most are ours. The first hit “Babsiella” lists the two of you, Dan and Graham as authors on the GenBank submission (201smile. So I suspect we are missing some evidence you all saw.

A local BlastP on PhagesDB with Glaske gp65 hits 16 of our SEA phages identifying the function of this proteins as a “peptidase”.

Since HHPred does not reference “peptidase” once for any of the hits and since an NCBI BlastP does not reference any other than our phages and a few other phages, I suggest that someone jumped at the “peptidase” function for this gene. Then once it was in the database and on the “Official Function List” everyone started to “Band-wagon” as one of my student’s likes to put it.

We are going to list the function as “HTH DNA binding protein, MerR-like”.
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