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Microbacterium Lysogens

| posted 28 Oct, 2018 13:42

I am curious if anyone working with Microbacterium phages has any information about which clusters can or can't form lysogens.

-Rick Alvey
Illinois Wesleyan University
| posted 28 Oct, 2018 14:40
Hi. You can find out which clusters of actinobacteriophages are predicted to be temperate by checking the cluster list.
There can always be exceptions, but the clues will be present in the genomes. My student researchers have been looking for lysogens by microbacterium phages for a while now. To date, we have one. It appears Zeta1847 forms lysogens. It is a M. paraoxydans phage.
Edited 28 Oct, 2018 14:41
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