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Merrimack College
Corresponding Faculty Member: Charlotte Berkes,
This abstract WILL be considered for a talk.
Don't Mess with Texage
Hannah Morales, Liam Hurley

Texage is an A3 cluster phage isolated from the grounds surrounding Mendel pond on the campus of Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts. Texage was isolated and characterized by freshmen Biology majors taking Principles of Biology I in Fall 2014 and was found to have a large and turbid plaque morphology and Siphoviridae phage particle morphology. Students taking Genetics in Spring 2015 carried out annotation of the Texage genome. Texage displays over 99% identity to several other A3 cluster phages isolated from a wide geographic area: Norbert, Pocahontas, Popsicle, Panamaxus, Lambert1, QuinnKiro, Veracruz, and Todacoro. Texage’s genome is 50081 bp and is organized into a typical left half/forward and right half/reverse orientation of the genes. It possesses 88 putative protein encoding genes. It also carries the same two tRNA genes found in Quinnkiro, Asn (gtt) and Trp (cca). None of the other closely related A3 phage carry tRNA genes.