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Iowa State University
Corresponding Faculty Member: Nick Peters,
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Carrying the Torch: revising annotations started, but never finished
Graham Bradbury, Logan Engebretson, Peter Kiefer, Lauran Korfhage, Jayden Macdonald, Emma Nieland, Rickey Russell, Payton Schuman, Samantha Yelkin, Nancy Boury, Nick Peters

The goal of our in-progress genome annotation project is to re-evaluate the partial genome annotations of EC cluster phage Savannah, Rameil05, and Kowalski. These genomes were a work in progress that was halted due to Covid-19 in the spring of 2020. We used the partially completed annotations in PECAAN as a reference data set to guide our own predictions. This style of annotation is different from previous years and has thus far yielded some unique learning outcomes. Interestingly, we did not always agree with the original annotations, giving us an opportunity to think deeply about the goals and limitations of predicting gene function. Here we present the outline of our project, our unique prospective, a summary of our genes of known function, and our discrepancies with previous annotations.