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Iowa State University
Corresponding Faculty Member: Nick Peters,
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In-Person Phage Discovery During a Pandemic
James Creel, Chelcee Downing, Kristen Gronlund, Daisy Hernandez, Luke Huggins, Laura Millage, Miguel Valera, Seth Vanbaale, Nicole Wernimont, Nancy Boury, Nick Peters

The phage discovery course was a unique opportunity to learn about phage biology through a hands-on experience that developed our lab skills and troubleshooting talents. The fall semester of 2020 though provided us a rare, significant challenge; how do we successfully conduct in-person lab work while navigating the safety measures and hurdles of Covid-19? The goal of our project was to adapt to the challenges we faced while effectively and safely learning about phage discovery. We were also able to find creative ways to support our fellow classmates in an effort to isolate and characterize novel phage viruses. Here we describe our phage discovery journey, explore what worked and what didn’t, and reflect on the lessons we learned. We summarize our experience with a “best practices guide to phage discovery.”