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University of Florida
Corresponding Faculty Member: Brad Barbazuk,
This abstract WILL be considered for a talk.
The annotation of 3 new Mycobacteriophages: ArcherNM, Petra64142 and Wooldri.
Inbar Aberman, Daniel Aldridge, Neha Bapatla, Connor Carlton, Sophie Charles, Eliot Gunn, Alicia Kianes, Katerina Lambrinos, Megan Laughrey, Yianni Protopapadakis, Riddhi Ramanlal, Carey Roberts, Justin Yeung, Guanqiao Feng, William B Davis, Brad Barbazuk

The HHMI SEA-Phages class at UF this year concentrated on annotating the genomes of three Mycobacteriophages isolated by students of Washington State University, Pullman. WA. and provided by Dr. William Davis: ArcherNM, Petra64142 and Wooldri. ArcherNM is an A2 phage with high sequence similarity (96%) to Changeling – another A2 phage also isolated and annotated at Washington State University. ArcherNM is 52,561 bp in length with a GC content of 64.2%. Genome annotation suggests that there are 94 protein coding genes and no tRNAs. Petra64142 exhibits highest nucleotide sequence similarity (99%) to OrionPax, and has been assigned to phage cluster E. Petra64142’s genome is 75,271bp in length and exhibits 63% GC content; these values are typical of cluster E phages. Also typical of cluster E phages are a large number of protein coding genes. Petra64142 has 143 annotated protein genes and 2 tRNAs. Finally, Mycobacteriophage Wooldri is a member of the phage cluster A, subcluster A3. Wooldri is 50,797 bp in length, exhibits 64% CG content and contains 98 protein coding genes and 3 tRNAs. Details of the genome characterization of these 3 Mycobacteriophages are discussed, including search results for promotors, stoperators, translational frameshifts and a comparative analysis of gene content between A2 and A3 cluster phages.