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2019 SEA Microbacterium Genomics Workshop
Jun 9
5 PM
Jun 11
1:30 PM

This meeting will focus on comparative genomics of the first 117 sequenced Microbacterium phages. Participants will work together to learn advanced bioinformatics tools and create products that can be used in a descriptive paper about these phages.

What to bring:

You must bring a laptop with a working copy of DNA Master.

We strongly recommend that this computer also have:
-a working copy of the 2017 SEA VM
-some kind of graphics software like Illustrator, Inkscape, or Canvas
-SplitsTree ( which requires Java
-PhamNexus (at the moment, PhamNexus only runs on Linux. PhamNexus generates the files that SplitsTree uses as input, so if you do not want to make SplitsTree files, you do not have to run this program).

IF you no longer have the SEA VM on your computer, we have a new version formatted for Virtual Box with PhamNexus and the Phamerator QC program pre-installed:

Before the workshop:

Review similar papers on phage genomics (Arthrobacter paper, Gordonia paper)

Install Phamnexus and SplitsTree

Google Doc with Post-It Details

Link to submit products:

Meeting type: Workshop

Workshop type: Advanced Bioinformatics

Facility: HHMI Headquarters

Agenda: 2019 SEA-PHAGES Faculty Meeting

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