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The Evergreen State College

Four letter SEA-PHAGES code: EVER

Location: Olympia, WA USA


Joined SEA-PHAGES: Cohort 6 (started in 2013)

Buddy school: Gonzaga University

Term type: None

Total SEA-PHAGES sections taught: 11

Total SEA-PHAGES students: 342


Primary Faculty Contact

The Evergreen State College

Other Faculty Members

No other faculty yet

Legal Contact

David McAvity

Academic Terms

Fall Quarter 2017

Start: Sep 25, 2017, End: Dec 15, 2017

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Winter Quarter 2017

Start: Jan 09, 2017, End: Mar 24, 2017

Part of Introduction to Natural Sciences, which is an integrated general biology and general chemistry program.

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Fall quarter 2016

Start: Sep 26, 2016, End: Dec 16, 2016

Phage biology as part of the Introduction to Natural Sciences interdisciplinary program

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Spring quarter 2015

Start: Mar 30, 2015, End: Jun 06, 2015

Bioinformatics work in Introduction to Natural Sciences

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Winter Quarter 2015

Start: Jan 05, 2015, End: Mar 14, 2015

This term did DNA isolation and characterization work and introduced bioinformatics tools

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Fall 2014

Start: Sep 29, 2014, End: Dec 19, 2014

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Institution Addresses

Current Mailing Address

James Neitzel

The Evergreen State College

Laboratory I

The Evergreen State College

Olympia, WA 98502


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Upcoming Events

Phage Discovery Workshop 12A

June 22, 2019 to June 28, 2019

Phage Discovery Workshop Option B

July 6, 2019 to July 12, 2019

Phage Discovery Workshop 12B

July 7, 2019 to July 13, 2019

Recent Events

2019 Faculty Workshop

June 9, 2019 to June 12, 2019

2019 SEA GENES Faculty Meeting

June 9, 2019 to June 11, 2019

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