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| posted 01 Mar, 2019 19:59
Thank you for the suggestions!
Posted in: Functional AnnotationLysin A and Holin in BI1 cluster Streptomyces phage
| posted 28 Feb, 2019 19:34
In our annotation of Streptomyces phage Esketit (cluster BI1), we have been unable to locate a Lysin A gene, but we have found a gene coding for LysM-Like endolysin. We also noted that similar phage (OylmpicHelado and Spectropatronm) are also missing this gene. Please advise us on how to proceed before we submit the genome.

In addition, our holin is much longer than the typical holin length. Ours is about 360 aa whereas the length is usually about 110 aa. Only the first part of our product actally matches (HHpred) with holin function. We have found no other holin in the genome. We were wondering if it is possible to have a longer holin or a holin that is continuous with another protein sequence added on to the terminal portion of the functional holin?.


Posted in: Functional AnnotationLysin A and Holin in BI1 cluster Streptomyces phage
| posted 04 Jun, 2018 18:16

Is there any way to get a large cluster C1 phage genome to annotate on a MacBook Pro (using WINE). Most of the time, I can open the file but when I try to show ORFs in a frames view I run out of memory or get various error messages. Another time I was able to generate the ORFs in Frames, but then could not get RBS scores when I selected a gene (again an error message).

I will be using this computer during the upcoming faculty workshop, so any help would be much appreciated.

Posted in: DNA MasterAnnotating Cluster C1 phage onn Macbook Pro