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| posted 18 Apr, 2019 19:28
Thanks for checking. Our class ended for today, but I will do what Chris suggested the next time we meet.
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| posted 18 Apr, 2019 14:11
A couple of my students can no longer log into Phamerator, getting error message: "Token expired" and are now forbidden from logging in.
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| posted 16 Apr, 2019 18:20
Per the Bioinformatics Guide, contractile-tailed phages should have tail tube protein (Rank 1). I cannot locate it in JPickles. It does not appear in the model genomes listed above: Bonray, TinyTim, Khlessi, etc. Are we just haven't looked hard enough? Or, perhaps they aren't in C1 cluster phages?
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| posted 20 Feb, 2019 14:33
So, it is better to go with the -1 gap rather than the -4? I thought I remembered this at the summer annotation workshop, but was told the -4 was better at another venue.
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| posted 17 Dec, 2018 16:26
Not sure if this is the right place to bring up the topic… Is there a mechanism for crediting annotation authors on the PhagesDB phage pages? When a genome is adopted out, annotated by another institution, then appear in publications, the annotating authors and institution should be recognized, right?
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| posted 24 May, 2016 15:59
David was a great friend to all of us here at SJU, and we are filled with sadness. It is a tremendous loss for Cabrini College and for all of the science communities that knew him well. His passion for science will be sorely missed. Our deepest sympathies to his family.
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