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SD Scoring in notes

| posted 25 Feb, 2016 23:47
Just to be sure: In The DNA Master description regarding SD scores, i.e. “SD: Final=-#.###, Z=#.###, Best SD” or “No, Final=-#.###, Z=#.###, ##nd Best (explain)’’ since we are providing both the Z value and the final score, which of the two values should we ultimately consider when stating whether it is the best SD score or not? For example, when comparing a final score = -4.711 and Z = 2.412 for one start with final score = -4.122 and z= 2.379 for the alternative start, if we rank on the basis of the final score, then -4.711 is second best, but when we rank on the basis of the Z value, then Z = 2.412 is the best, but you will notice that these two values give conflicting answers yet they belong to the same start position. Should we thus report the SD score ranking on the basis of the final score or the Z value? Thanks!
| posted 03 Mar, 2016 16:23

The final score is what determines which you should rate "best". However, I would think there would be few, if any, cases where the final score (based on match to matrix and length from start codon) and Z -value (standard deviation from random sequence) don't both point to the same start. Was your example from your genome or a hypothetical?

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