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DNA Master failed update

| posted 08 Feb, 2016 19:08

I helped a student to download and install DM into her own Windows laptop. After completed the installation, I wanted to update DNA Master. But it gave me an error message: 'error in DNA master update'. Screenshot attached.

Thanks in advance.
| posted 08 Feb, 2016 19:27
In my experience, you should first check to make sure they are running the program as described in the Installation Guide (must be using a desktop icon that is set to "Run as Administrator" under the advanced button). That is typically the problem for my students.
| posted 08 Feb, 2016 19:37
I did create a desktop icon and invoked from the icon. The laptop is her own so I don't think the error had to do with system privilege. When accessed File/Preferences/Local Settings/New Features, I only saw to radio buttons (the lower half of the form disappeared). In addition, I'm pretty sure the DM version (5.xx.5) we downloaded was outdated. Thanks though.

| posted 08 Feb, 2016 21:43
Did you just click the "Run as administrator" option on the icon, or did you actually change it to run as administrator under the "Advanced" tab for the icon properties? (Also depends on version of Windows. Windows 8 is different. I am talking about Windows 7 or 10.).

Although it shouldn't make a difference, it actually does affect how the program works and updates when you don't have the icon set up correctly. Like I said, this is the most common reason I see this issue on student machines.

| posted 08 Feb, 2016 21:56
I'll ask the student to try and let you know. Thanks.
| posted 08 Feb, 2016 22:39
It worked. But I want to add one point: some students' laptops could update without modifying the shortcut. Thanks.
| posted 19 Jan, 2017 16:56
Hello! A student of mine is having the same issue but she has a Mac. I assume it's because she doesn't have admin privileges, but I don't know how to give her these privileges on a Mac.
| posted 19 Jan, 2017 17:29
Ok, so my student was able to open the software with admin privileges, but she is getting the error in the attached screenshot when she opens DNA Master. DNA Master is already updated. I worry that she will not be able to fully annotate the genome with some databases being incomplete. Thanks!
| posted 20 Jan, 2017 18:24
Hi Miriam,
It looks like her database files are missing. Tell her to pick restore from FTP. IT should download everything she needs and then she should no longer get the the error.
| posted 20 Jan, 2017 20:14
Once she picks restore from FTP, are there any other steps she should follow or an IP address/html address connected to the FTP? Thanks!
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