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A4 - no frameshift

| posted 08 Apr, 2021 14:42
Within the A4 phages, is it possible for the tail assembly chaperone gene not to have a frameshift and exist as two different genes, which is the way the genes have been annotated in LeoAvram and NorthStar. I am working on annotating phage LochMonster which is similar to these phages, but as all the other A4 have a frameshift, it seems wrong not to call a frameshift. I have compared the proteins and DNA and can't find a frameshift mutation. I wanted to double check before making the call that there is no frameshift.
| posted 08 Apr, 2021 16:46
Hi Susan,
Of the 125 A4 genomes in the database as of this writing, not counting the _Drafts, 3 are miscalled: NorthStar, LeoAvram, and Kingmustik0402.
I believe I see a slippery sequence, joining at position 15418 in Lochmonster.
I'll get to updating those soon.
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