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AV gene overlap

| posted 05 Apr, 2021 21:44
We are curious about the overlapping genes called in the AV cluster, such as Nellie 29/30 and Jasmine 32/33. Is there any information on this type of overlap being found in other phages or something else I am missing out on here? Thanks.
| posted 06 Apr, 2021 00:26
Hi Tammy,
It is not a common occurrence, for sure.
In this case (and I used Nellie), the coding potential for gene 30 is best, so I want to call that one for sure. However, the HHPred for 29 is compelling (I would call it a WhiB, I think.) so I really want to call it. Because their direction has them running into each other, there is really no reason that they couldn't both be transcribed.
Edited 06 Apr, 2021 00:29
| posted 07 Apr, 2021 19:46
OK. Thanks.
| posted 07 Apr, 2021 19:46
OK. Thanks.
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