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DNA master server down?

| posted 24 Jun, 2021 20:14
Update-Dan is working on troubleshooting the issue with DNA Master on Windows 10 machines. For now, it appears that new installations are problematic but existing installations are able to successfully update and have full functionality. Depending on the nature of the problem, Jeffrey Lawrence may need to modify some settings in DNA Master. I will keep everyone updated on the status of this issue.
| posted 20 Sep, 2021 18:21
Hello all,

Any new news? DNAM suddenly failed on my machine. No changes made, just the databases up and quit. Can't re-initialize. I'm a little nervous for the Spring. Do we have a version to give to my DoIT?

| posted 21 Sep, 2021 20:04
Hi Steve,

Jeffrey has made a couple of changes that should help:

  1. Moved the DNA Master install file to an HTTP address instead of an FTP address to make the initial download easier
  2. Changed the default FTP mode within DNA Master from Active to Passive

The first will help with downloading the installer, while the second should make the first couple of updates work on most systems. That said, the usual caveats still apply: run as Admin, make sure preferences are correct, etc. Not sure why yours suddenly stopped working, but mine seems to be okay.

Edited 21 Sep, 2021 20:05
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