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Phage Predator (H1) mis-annotation of lysin A gene?

| posted 19 Feb, 2021 00:45
Hello SEA-PHAGES team,

Some students doing characterization of cluster H phages noticed an interesting discrepancy in the lysin A gene of Predator (cluster H1). Many other phages, including others in H1, have lysin A genes in pham 52459. Predator also has this pham, but the small orpham 17367 immediately upstream is the one that has been annotated as lysin A (see Pham Map photo). The orpham has no hits in NCBI BLAST. Could this be an annotation error?
Edited 19 Feb, 2021 00:46
| posted 19 Feb, 2021 01:09
Yep. Looks like an error to me.
We will get this corrected as we continue with genome curations.
Edited 19 Feb, 2021 01:15
| posted 19 Feb, 2021 01:35
awesome! thanks, Debbie!
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