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NAD-dependent deacetylase

| posted 18 Nov, 2020 23:42
In phage Belfort CDS 134(87,804-88,487) has a large number of high quality hits to NAD-Dependent Deacetylase. There are approx 50 HHPRED hits with 100% probability and >99% aligned. The vast majority of the top hits include the term "sirtuin" a group of enzymes found in all kingdoms. However, of the 100% probability alignments more than half include the term "NAD-Dependent Deacetylase". The top prokaryote hit is to crystal 1S5P_A, an enzyme from Escherichia coli (100% probability and 99.5% coverage) and has the description "NAD-dependent deacetylase (E.C.3.5.1.-); protein deacetylase". We propose either the term "NAD-dependent deacetylase" or "NAD-dependent protein deacetylase" and avoid the whole "sirtuin" nomenclature.

If you want to see all the hits, this phage is in PECAAN (Belfort 134). For detailed alignments here is the amino acid sequence to rerun the HHPRED search:

| posted 19 Nov, 2020 06:24
I have added "NAD-dependent deacetylase" to the list of approved functions! Thanks for identifying it!
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