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Gap or a gene?

| posted 07 May, 2020 12:43
I have a gene that was called in Phamerator, but not in the DNA Master autoannotation. Without it, there is about a ~300 bp gap. It is Portcullis_Draft gene 46 (36503 - 36763 ) | pham 18840. It would be an orpham and has no sig. hits in BLAST. The coding potential in self isn't great (see attached documents). Is it a gene, or do I just have a large gap in my genome? You might notice that there is also OK coding potential in the -1 frame. I have also looked into this by blasting the a.a. sequence but it too had no sig. results.

See attached documentation
| posted 08 May, 2020 02:51
I would call this gene. There is enough coding potential for me to think it is real. It is good that you ruled out the gene in the reverse frame.

| posted 08 May, 2020 13:44
Thank you Debbie!
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