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Holin in D1

| posted 30 Jul, 2019 00:26
Has the holin in D1 been identified? There is a 4 transmembrane domain protein only called a holin in one cluster D1 phage (Nova gp37), all the rest call membrane domain or NKF. This is a conserved gene located between the lysin A and lysin B. How much evidence is needed to designate this as the holin?
| posted 30 Jul, 2019 17:51
Jordan - I have a quick question (without looking) Are there any other membrane proteins in the region? If not, then it is acceptable to call this a holin.
If there are other proteins that could be the holins adjacent to these 2 genes, then i would leave it at membrane protein.
If it is more confusing that this and you want me to take a longer look, let me know.
| posted 30 Jul, 2019 18:09
Thanks, Debbie! There is an other membrane protein near by. I'll paste the sequences here if you want to take a look, but I'll go with membrane protein for now.

>Helpful_37 (membrane protein)

- TMHMM and SOSUI predict 2 TM domains and phobius predicts a signal peptide and one TM. Mixed results from TOPCONS, but def. signal peptide.

>Helpful_39 (membrane protein)

- 4 TM domains confirmed with TOPCONS, phobius, SOSUI and TMHMM
| posted 30 Jul, 2019 18:50
A good question, thanks for making it easy to check. I would call both Membrane proteins.
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