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TerD, tellurium resistance protein

| posted 14 Jul, 2019 21:22

We would like to propose the addition of TerD or tellurium resistance protein, or the equivalent, to the approved function list. We believe pham 15777, which currently includes:

  • Geostin gene 71 (39028 - 39609)
  • FlowerPower gene 76 (39028 - 39609)
  • Fabian_Draft gene 79 (39358 - 39939)

  • Shows compelling evidence for the functional call.

    Examination of the protein sequence here:

    >Geostin gp71

    By HHPred:

    And by BlastP:

    Shows high coverage and high confidence matches to the tellurium resistance protein TerD in multiple bacterial species.

    A brief literature search found that the gene has been found in phages infecting :

    Salmonella and Cronobacter spp.: and,
    Pseudomona spp,
    Clostridium spp., and
    Bacillus spp.:

    The domain, as shown in Phamerator is also found by the CDD:



    Edited 14 Jul, 2019 21:23
    | posted 15 Jul, 2019 14:53
    Hi Steve,
    We think "tellurium resistance protein D family" is the way to go. "Ter" is also the TLA for the terminase genes (which we also don't use) and we may sow confusion if we don't spell things out.

    | posted 15 Jul, 2019 17:07
    Excellent, thanks!

    | posted 29 Jul, 2019 16:44
    Hi Welkin,

    Just double-checking before submission. If we are naming the protein product, shouldn't it be "tellurium resistance D family protein", rather than "tellurium resistance protein D family"?

    | posted 03 Aug, 2019 21:15

    Should we use D family protein or protein D family? I think that's all we need, then can submit.


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