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Rerun function not updating

| posted 09 May, 2019 13:46
There are some recent published genome additions to Genbank and phagesdb that are very relevant for my annotation of Sixama. However, when I hit the rerun button for phagesdb and NCBI in PECAAN it is not updating. If I change the start site it updates, but for most genes I don't want to change the start site. Is there a way to rerun the databases (ideally for the entire genome at once)?
| posted 10 May, 2019 21:44
there is a button that should do that but if the button on each gene is not working the whole phage might not either. Go to Admin menu -> phages; search for your phage and click the edit button. From there you should get a page which includes button to reblast the whole phage.
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