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| posted 24 Apr, 2019 14:38
One of my students is having the attached error. He can open and upload the genome in DNAMAster but he is trying to export it even he gets that error. Somehow the Query database is corrupted. Any ideas?
Christos Noutsos
| posted 24 Apr, 2019 18:25
Try the following things, one may do the trick. If not send it to me and I will try to make it work.
At the feature table, go to the left sequence tab. Once in the window, above the sequence, click on the button "raw".

Recreate your documentation. Go to documentation, the click on recreate.

Save the file as a new name and see if it works. If you do need my help, what is he trying to export?


| posted 05 Dec, 2019 21:44
All of a sudden today I am getting an error when I open DNA Master "Queries table is corrupt. Reload from FTP DNA Master FTP site. When I try to reload from FTP site it gives me a second error "An error occurred when attempting to initialize the Borland Database Engine (Error $210smile".
Any helps is appreciated.
| posted 05 Dec, 2019 21:52
Not sure why the smiley appears there the error number is 2108.
| posted 02 Jan, 2020 21:38
Hi. Did you get this issue resolved. If not, please send me your file.
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