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Pham 23651 function assignment

| posted 26 Mar, 2019 13:42
What current official function should be assigned to this pham in Rachaly and other drafts? Lokk has called it a “DNA binding domain protein”, CRB1 calls it a putative Rep protein. The research I have done suggests a best fit to “helix-turn-helix DNA binding domain".

I know that Debbie ( were going to start investigating this gene and the Par system genes in Lokk and Rachaly back in 2017. Do you have any results that would give us the answer to this question?
| posted 26 Mar, 2019 14:03
Hi JoAnn– what is the gene number and/or coordinates in the current Phamerator draft? Pham numbers can change when we update the database and I just want to make sure I am looking at the right gene.
| posted 26 Mar, 2019 15:15
Lokk gene 36 (26423 - 27289 ) | pham 23651
Rachaly_Draft gene 36 (26457 - 27356 ) | pham 23651

Both are reverse genes. Right now there are only 5 members in the pham; two subclusters (A2 and A14); Lokk and CRB1 are the only non-draft genomes.
Edited 26 Mar, 2019 15:24
| posted 26 Mar, 2019 18:43
Hi JoAnn,
So this protein is being investigated at the bench by one of the Hatfull Lab postdocs, Katie Wetzel.

It is a "RepA-like replication initiator" and I will add that to the official list.

Thanks for asking!
| posted 26 Mar, 2019 19:01
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