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Recheck of the genes between major capsid and tape measure gene

| posted 10 Jan, 2019 15:58
Hi all. I just reviewed the genes between the capsid and tapemeasure and propose this revision (to gene 8 of phage Blair).
gene 8 (5293-5649) head-to-tail adaptor
gene 9 NKF
gene 10 major tail protein
gene 11 minor tail protein (see forum post )
gene 12 NKF
gene 13 tapemeasure

Edited 10 Jan, 2019 15:58
| posted 19 Apr, 2019 18:28
Debbie–just to be really clear–the peak of coding potential just upstream of tape measure protein in Blair and the phage we are working on, Laila, called by neither GeneMark nor Glimmer (peaking right around 7200) is probably not a gene? Thanks!
- Sara
| posted 19 Apr, 2019 18:45
Nope. Sorry for the confusion. I think that peak is a gene (7165-7272). I just have no confidence it is the T of the G/T frameshift, so I would not assign a function to it.
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