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Repressor vs HTH DNA binding proteins

| posted 23 Aug, 2018 14:38
At this time (8-23-18 ), we felt it prudent to call the DNA binding proteins around the integrases "helix-turn-helix DNA binding proteins", even thought 2 of them are hitting Lambda's CI. (Genome used in this evaluation are Nandita and Ryan).
Edited 23 Aug, 2018 14:39
| posted 13 May, 2021 18:50
Given that these FF cluster phage have genes in PHAM 54987 (92 members and majority calls are immunity repressor) that hit to numerous repressors such as 5FD4_B (ComR; Streptococcus, Competence, Quorum sensing, ComR, TRANSCRIPTION REGULATOR; 2.9A {Streptococcus suis (strain 05ZYH33), 6H49_A (Orf20; SaPI, Repressor, STRUCTURAL PROTEIN; HET: SO4; 1.8A {Staphylococcus aureus}) and 5D50_D (Repressor; Repressor, Anti-repressor, complex, DNA BINDING PROTEIN; 2.49A {Salmonella phage SPC32H}) an immunity repressor call is consistent with the data and the location of the genes within an immunity cluster (gp35 in Popper, gp37 in Nandita and gp37 in Ryan).
RS Pollenz
Edited 13 May, 2021 19:16
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