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elongation factor P

| posted 01 Aug, 2018 20:14
Request for new function - elongation factor or translation elongation factor P to be more specific (Saguaro_77). Appprox 15 hits (> 90% probability and >92% coverage) in HHPRED to tranlation elongation factor P or elongation factor 5A which is the eukaryotic homolog. EF-P stimulates ribosomal peptidyltransferase activity/prevents ribosome stalling and is highly conserved.
| posted 07 Aug, 2018 16:16
so in this particular case, the Saguaro gene is not long enough to be a full EF-P. It should be around 180aa, and this is only 107. EF-P was crystallized in sections, and this appears to be aligning to the OB domain, which is a beta-barrel.
We might add elongation factor P to the functional list at some point, but I don't think this gene has enough evidence.
Edited 07 Aug, 2018 16:17
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