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New Functions

| posted 18 Jul, 2018 17:34
I had a question about functional calls for two genes in phage iPhane7. I have HHPred evidence for a potential function that are not options in the Function list. The genes are:

CDS 44394 - 44951
There is evidence of a possible function from HHPRed, which was checked as evidence. The function is "Rep_Org_C ; Putative replisome organiser protein C-terminus".

CDS 65032 - 65529
HHPred gives strong functional evidence that this is a DNA processing protein A, but this is not in the list of functions. It also has HHPred evidence for a metal carrier protein, not sure what to do about the functional call. It has been annotated as a ssDNA binding protein in Mr Magoo.

Jamie Wallen
Edited 18 Jul, 2018 17:34
| posted 20 Jul, 2018 18:43
DNA processing protein A is on the list, it is officially:
DprA-like DNA processing chain A
two rows below the red Ku in the second column
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