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two small terminase subunits

| posted 24 Apr, 2018 13:43
AS phages have two small terminase genes, one adjacent to the large subunit, the other in the right arm of teh genome.
| posted 23 Aug, 2018 19:51
Upon further examination, the terminase, small subunit in the left arm is actually part of the terminase, large subunit. See "Terminase, large subunit" tip! (8-23-1smile
Edited 23 Aug, 2018 19:51
| posted 21 Feb, 2020 18:30
Upon even more examination—AS genomes appear to have a gene 1 with some alignment to the large subunit, but it is unclear if the domains are intact. So we are going to revert it to hypothetical protein. (10-21-19, 2-21-2020)
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