We are working on the function assignment for a gene in a C1 phage (Cane17 48994-49932). I see two functions with some support, but neither has an exact match in the official list. Any suggestions on which function to choose?

endonuclease: HHPred matches a few endonucleases(Holliday junction resolvases)with >98% probability, 29-30 % alignment, examples: d1m0da_ and 1M0D_D. Holliday junction resolvase is an approved function. PhagesDB blast shows 1 hit with 1:1, 96% alignment, e=0.0 and four with much worse matches.

zinc-finger DNA binding domain: PhagesDB blast shows 2 hits with 1:1, 96 %alignment, and e=0.0; six with 1:12-129:44, 54-95% alignment, and e= e-101-0.0.
Edited 13 Mar, 2018 18:03