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University of Maine, Fort Kent
Corresponding Faculty Member: Peter Nelson,
This abstract WILL be considered for a talk.
Annotation of PeterPeter, a Cluster A Phage
Zach Beal, Jeremy Bishop, Isaac Alexander Caballero, Kaleigh Carroll, Bryce Carter, Colby Drexel-Harmon, Corey Henderson, Kate LaPlante, Jessica Laytart, Monique Mills, Jessica Walker, Shallee Page, Peter R Nelson

Students at the University of Maine-Fort Kent isolated and purified a novel organism, Mycobacteriophage PeterPeter, from a soil sample taken outside a University residence hall next to a dumpster. Students then analyzed PeterPeter’s 51,366 bp genome. PeterPeter’s genome has a GC content 63.9% and begins with a reverse gene. This is uncommon, with only 30% of A4 phages having this as a start. PeterPeter is a member of the largest cluster and the second largest subcluster of the A phages (subcluster A4).